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The Two Spirited People: Remember that hatred of Gay and Bisexual people was taught to you. Native American people of North and South America allowed marriage of men to women, men to men, and women to women under the spiritual understandings that the soul is genderless or that we two spirited souls with genders separate from our biological bodies. When people say that Native Americans were the past I can only laugh because I know that our people were and continue to be the future, we understood the evils of wealth, homophobia and harming the earth until we were sieged by European barbarians. These backwards men still bicker about gay marriage, saving the ozone, and pride their capitalist system as the best in the world while it runs on the blood of black and brown people. But I digress, as this post pertains to homosexuality, male-centric culture was brought to our lands and with it the ideas of who should marry who, which sex belongs in the kitchen, and what else is proper living. In 20 years when the United States finally comes to the wisdom our people have known for centuries you may pride yourself on knowing that your ancestors knew better. 

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